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Dyna Crank Trigger DCTHD Dyna Crank Trigger DCTHD

Dynatek Performance Electronics Crank Trigger Assembly. Comes with Blue anodized Rotor, connectors and crank trigger plate. For use with the Dyna 4000 Drag Racing Product line.
Always make sure to have .050" clearance around the rotor to the sensor pick ups. Always degree in your second pick up on the plate for precision timing.

Our Price: $158.99
Mini Coil Set DC11-1 .5 OHM Mini Coil Set DC11-1 .5 OHM

The best Ignition coil on the planet ! This coil is .5 OHM primary resistance !!! Dual out put 45,000v out put,"Spark plug style out put terminal , polarity sensitive, uses rare earth magnet technology for quicker energy rise time. ( The coil nearly makes energy just sitting there with the big magnet inside) I personally have tested/ used these coils without failure. We use them on the Nitro Bike ! These coils can be used with the Dyna 4000 Super Pro to enhance the system and have less resistance than the standard D4k coils (which are .7OHM).

Our Price: $171.99
Dyna4000 Top Fuel Module Dyna4000 Top Fuel Module

HD Dual Plug/ Dual-Single Fire , Quad Out Put Inductive Ignition Module for Drag Racing. 45,000 Volts, 6-7 AMP current , 240v Primary Voltage to the Coil. 62 Degree Spark Discharge Duration. "Soft ON" Feature requires 400RPM for spark enable, "Soft OFF" feature requires consecutive .3 sec interruption for disable (great if you have a bad toggle switch). No RPM Limiter. This ignition can still be used on a gas engine with modular Rev Limiters and Retard Modules. This ignition can also be used for single plug application.

Many National Records have been set in many categories of racing with the Dyna 4000 !!

Our Price: $424.99
Shaker Top Fuel ARC  DARC-TF Shaker Top Fuel ARC DARC-TF

The most Powerful Reliable digital CDI on the Planet !! So many capabilities. The Shaker TF ARC is the only "UNIVERSAL" , 2 channel, Monster CDI on the Market. Designed originally to be used with the DYNA S and the Dyna4000--- can now be used with nearly any ignition input !! 580v Primary volts to the coil !!!, 9 AMP Current !! Monster Energy up to 20,000 RPM. Operate on a universal 8-20 volt battery! Light up more fuel molecules than any other RELIABLE ignition available. Go lean when you bolt it on -- add more fuel make more power !! Burn more fuel !! The system can now be wired in a hybrid fashion to take advantage of CDI technology side by side with Inductive technology. Inductive makes for a long discharge. CDI makes for a Monstrous Burst of 189mj per discharge. Enjoy 5 discharges up to 3000 rpm.

If you want to burn more fuel.... this WILL help ! Coming soon... Programmable version!!

Our Price: $424.99